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Intruder Alarms

Cable, hybrid and wireless burglar alarm systems

Intruder/Burglar Alarms (Smart Security)

Intruder alarms are a popular, effective and convenient method of securing what matters to you most. The presence of our professionally installed intruder alarms don’t go unnoticed by would-be criminals, discouraging any unwanted attention and minimising any opportunity they may have to break into the protected property.

We can provide cabled, hybrid and wireless home and business alarm systems. All of our security systems are specified and installed to a minimum of European Standard Grade 2, resulting in increased reliability along with NSI, SSAIB, insurance and Police recognition.

In the event of security alarm activation

Our monitored burglar alarm systems also have the ability to contact the relevant emergency services (e.g. Police response) and/or selected key holders via our 24 hour manned Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) in the event of an alarm activation.

Ongoing Support

After installation and handover (including a demonstration of using the intruder alarm system), we offer ongoing professional support and maintenance of your system. Assuring full usability and peace of mind that your property is protected.

Smart Alarm Systems

For our smart alarm systems you can enjoy full control of the security system through a single intuitive app on your phone or computer, enabling arming and disarming along with self-monitoring from any location with internet access.

Ease of use is essential

Our newly installed intruder alarm systems come with digital proximity key fobs to arm and disarm your system by simply holding the key fob to the keypad.

National Security Inspectorate

PFS Security Sytems Ltd has been awarded the Gold certification by the NSI, widely recognised as the leading security inspectorate in the UK. This level holds the greatest perceived value across the security and alarms industry as well as by the police and insurers.

Alarms We Offer

  • Audible/bells only
  • Self monitored smart alarms
  • Hybrid & wireless
  • Speech dialler
  • Key holder response
  • Police response
  • Redcare & Dualcom monitoring

There are many different features and detection units available with our alarm systems, our security consultants can carry out a free, no-obligation survey on your property and tailor the system to you and your property’s requirements.

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