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Fire Alarm Systems

Fire alarm system specialists installing everything needed to make your premises safe and compliant.

Fire alarm systems installation

PFS Security Systems Ltd design, install and maintain fire alarms for both domestic and commercial customers.

Fire alarm systems are a vital part of any building to provide notification of a fire as early as possible, maximising opportunity for the preservation of life and minimizing potential damage to goods & property. Our fire alarm systems can provide audible & visual alerts of a fire event; we can also link your system to an Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) enabling notification to the fire & rescue services.

Our experienced security surveyors will carry out an on-site survey to identify the requirements of the building/property and will provide a detailed quotation. There are various categories of fire alarm systems that we design and install, from category ‘M’ systems which must be activated manually to category ‘L1’ systems which are designed to provide the earliest possible automatic detection to protect lives.

PFS Security Systems install the following fire alarm systems:

  • Conventional two/four wire zoned systems to determine which area (zone) has activated.
  • Addressable systems to pinpoint the exact location of the activation.
  • Infra-red beam detectors for ‘wide area’ coverage.
  • Wireless addressable fire alarm systems to mitigate the need for cabling.
  • Interlinked ‘Aico®’ mains detectors with battery backup.

Installation of all systems is undertaken by our professional and experienced installers, our cabled systems utilize fire performance cable featuring flame retardant low smoke zero halogen outer sheath and fire-resistant low smoke zero halogen silicon insulation.

Once your fire alarm system has been installed and commissioned we offer ongoing professional support, service, and maintenance of the system. Assuring full usability and peace of mind that your property is protected.

National Security Inspectorate

PFS Security Sytems Ltd has been awarded the Gold certification by the NSI, widely recognised as the leading security inspectorate in the UK. This level holds the greatest perceived value across the security and alarms industry as well as by the police, fire & rescue services and insurers.

Security Systems and Alarm Inspectorate Board (SSAIB)

We have also been awarded certification by the SSAIB. We’re proud to be one of a few local security systems companies in the area to benefit from accreditations by both the NSI and the SSAIB, demonstrating our commitment to provide the highest quality alarms and CCTV products and services to our customers.

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